Explore all of the areas within Black Mountain's boundary but make sure you:

• Check in with ski patrol
• Have the required advanced skills. 
• Explore with a couple of partners


Black Mountain is unique. We have a working relationship with neighboring landowners such as Mahoosuc Land Trust, as well as other landowers who allow multi us access to privately owned property. Know before you go. Be smart. Note: when we talk backcountry we mean off property/outside the skiing & riding boundary. We usually refer to inbounds woods as glades or trails that are clearly marked with resort signage. 

• Most of the backcountry terrain feeds back into the resort. Some does not. Know your terrain & plan a ride back to Black Mountain if necessary. 

• The backcountry trails are not patrolled or maintained. Unmarked obstacles & other natural hazards can damage you and your equipment. 

• Ski & ride in groups of three. If someone gets hurt, you'll need one person to fetch help & the other to stay with the injured. Radios & a cell phone should both be carried. 

• We don't ever sweep the backcountry. Getting lost sucks. Getting lost at night really sucks. 

• Wear a helmet. We won't make you, but the best (& the smartest) already have them on. 

• Respect your ability level. If you're wondering whether or not you should attempt something, the answer is "no".

• Check in with ski patrol. Remember these areas are unpatrolled, ungroomed & are considered backcountry. Ski & ride at your own risk.

• Any rescue, if available, may be delayed & costly.