We're not here to make money.

Seriously. Kind of hard to believe in this day & age right? But it's true. We care about the health & wellness of our communtiy and those in the surrounding areas. Keeping skiing & outdoor recreation at an affordable price is our way of giving back. Each year we give out nearly 200 free season passes to kids ages 5 and under & grades preK-2nd grade, as well as provide a fun, family place for people & familes to gather & simply be together. Everything we do is to keep our ticket prices at an affordable rate.

Your donation can help us continue to provide a place for kids of all ages to experience fun, family & healthy lifestyle choices. If you'd prefer to donate outside of PayPal, here's a copy of our Giving Form

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As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Black Mountain continues to serve the River Valley and surrounding communities in Western Maine by staying true to our mission: “We are dedicated to re-establishing skiing as a lifestyle in the River Valley. We will provide a safe environment that is accessible, family orientated and devoted to making a difference in people’s lives" A donation to Black Mountain of Maine will help us continue to be true to our mission statement.