Into Endurance? Chairlifts look like an "easy day out" for you? You might be a skinner.

We are excited about our new bottom to top Osekare uphill trail. Uphill is permitted with skis, splitboards or snowshoes. Please no use of bare booting, bikes, or use of skis without climbing skins. The Osekare is for uphill travel only. Please read our entire policy before visiting us. Use the Osekare trail for uphill travel unless otherwise designated by our trail report. Use of the Osekare trail is included with the purchase of an alpine day lift pass or a season pass. An uphill ticket, or $110 uphill season pass is also offered. Uphill tickets are available at our ticket window during operational hours or online. Black Mountain of Maine requires the purchase of a pass & agreeing to our policies to access our property. 

From the lodge, cross the bridge & head left. Climb the hill towards the tubing park, break left around the berm onto the bottom of the Lazy River trail. Then head left after the first short pitch onto the Osekare. 

There are 4 spots where you can begin your descent. 800' on the Allagash, 1,100' near the summit chairlift, 1,300' at Granite Backcountry Alliance Merrymeeting Glade, 1,320' at the tower where you can return to the base of Black Mountain of Maine. Snowshoes can continue on from the tower summit & descend the Black & White hikng trail to the Black Mountain lodge. Please note: any area off property/outside the skiing & riding boundary is considered backcountry. Be fully knowledgable of our backcountry policy. Dropping over the backside into the glades developed by Granite Backcountry Alliance onto Mahoosuc Land Trust property leads you to a place deep in the Maine woods far from the resort that could be unforgiving in winter if you should become injured, have an equipment problem or navigation error.

Black Mountain of Maine reserves the right to close the mountain at the discretion of our operations manager or ski patrol at any time. If in doubt, call the office or check Facebook for updates. Please stay clear of any trail with snowmaking equipment. Ski & board edges can cut high voltage power lines or high pressure hose lines on or beside trails. This poses a severe injury threat to you as well as workers & a high expense cost to the mountain for replacement. The mountain is available outside of lift operating hours. You will still need a pass to cover the mountain's costs as well as agreeing to our policies. Even if workers are present they are not rescue. Understand that you are responsible for any situation you may find yourself in & there is no ski patrol on the mountain outside of normal operating hours. If you have an emergency, call 911.

Have fun & enjoy your adventure!

Backcountry Skiing at our Neighbor's Land-Mahoosuc Land Trust/Rumford Whitecap Mountain Preserve

Black Mountain & Rumford Whitecap gaze at each other across Horseshoe Valley. People have long enjoyed visiting Rumford Whitecap for blueberry picking, hiking, backcountry skiing & snowmobiling. In the fall of 2019, Granite Backcountry Alliance along with the Angry Beavers led the first of its kind partnership with Black Mountain of Maine & Mahoosuc Land Trust developing backcountry ski glades in Maine. GBA & The Angry Beavers brought the organizational expertise, boots on the ground power & glade development experience to make the project a success. Visit Granite Backcountry Alliance for detailed information on backcountry skiing on the MLT/Rumford Whitecap parcel & Mahoosuc Land Trust for their work in the Androscoggin River Valley. We encourage everyone to be good stewards of this land so the partnership continues to thrive.