January 24, 2022 8:00am
After an amazing weekend we're looking forward to our first free ski night of the season this Wednesday, January 26th from 4pm-pm, sponsored by Advantage Insurance.
If you are uphilling the mountain, please have full knowledge of our policy.


 Be safe. Know the code.


Snowfall Last 24 Hours:
Base Depth: 10"
Trails Open Day: 23
Snowfall Last 7 Days:
Surface Conditions:
Night Trails Open:
Season Snowfall: 32"
Today's Hours:
Lifts Open:


Download a Trail Map HERE


easier green 20x20Aroostook
easier green 20x20Ellis  Y
 Y  -
easier green 20x20Moose  
easier green 20x20Bean  
easier green 20x20Magalloway  Y
easier green 20x20Lower Sunday  Y
 Y  -
easier green 20x20Upper Sunday  Y  Y
easier green 20x20Big Eddy Glades  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Allagash    snowmaking
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Allagash   Y
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Androscoggin   race today 9:30am
 Y  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Androscoggin  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Kenduskaeg  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Kennebec   Y
 Y -
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Rapid  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Rapid   Y
more difficult blue 20x20Saint John   Y  
more difficult blue 20x20Sandy
more difficult blue 20x20Songo  Y  
black diamond 14x20Kennebago  
black diamond 14x20Penobscot  Y
black diamond 14x20Piscataquis  Y  
black diamond 14x20Rangeley  
black diamond 14x20Swift  Y
black diamond 14x20Webb  Y
black diamond 14x20The Dead  Y
black diamond 14x20Lazy River  
black diamond 14x20Sticky  Y
 Thin cover 
black diamond 14x20Moxie
Terrain Park   

Uphill Route: Osekare. Know the skiers responsibility code. Note: the Saco trail is considered backcountry. Know the policy. Uphill ticket, uphill season pass, day pass or regular alpine pass is required

See uphill policy here

Backcountry Glades: Enter at Your Own Risk  Don't be fooled by the recent snowfall. Places in the woods are still quite thin & could be dangerous. 

Never Groomed:

Read The Policy. Always Ungroomed. Never Swept. You may see 3rd party signs that are not resort endorsed & do not fall within the regulations of the NSAA. Have knowledge of the daily trail report & check in with ski patrol about changing conditions. 

Upper Beaver  
Middle Beaver
Lower Beaver  
Sunday Ledges  
Crooked Glade  
Swift Glade  
Kenduskeag Glade
St John  
Allagash Woods (1/2/3/4/5)  
Alley Loop  
The Wild  
Saco Glade
Rapid Glade  
East Branch  
The Roach
Aurele Legere
Beaver Chute
"Hike to" Backcountry Trails
black diamond 14x20Bagaduce  
black diamond 14x20black diamond 14x20Wesserunsett  
black diamond 14x20Saco   

The Edge Tubing Park  snowmaking


Tubing  Chute 1:    Chute 2:  

Terrain Park:

Cross Country  

 Today’s hours:

Kilometers groomed: apx. John's Loop 5K  (click for John's Loop)

Tracked: 5K (skate & classic)    Kilometers Open:  5K

all ablilities


  Click HERE for our cross country map