600 Acres of Bliss 

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   Prepare for Face Shots.

With a running total of over 3,000 volunteer hours, the 35 + members of Angry Beavers have gnawed out some pretty radical territory since they began in 2010.  

We're talking 600  acres bliss. Explore the woods and our 50 trails & gladed zones. Yes, you read that correctly. 

90% of our glades are accessible via chair lift.

There's 1,000 vertical feet of hardwood glades waiting for you, all accessed by one lift. 

From the wide & spacious to tight knit trees with spectacular lines, Black Mountain's glades offer varied terrain for various skill levels. 

The Royal glade boasts an ultra wide, more spacious, expert experience with interwoven lines, making it nearly impossible to ski the same line twice. 

 Glade Skiing is considered Backcountry Skiing.

   Please take note of our Backcountry Policy & skier responsibility code

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