Updated January 24, 2020 last updated 6:00am

Skiing was fantastic last night & today's gonna be a repeat!

Come & Get It. 

 Be safe. Know the code.


Snowfall Last 24 Hours: 
Base Depth: 15"
Trails Open Day: 24
Snowfall Last 7 Days: 6"
Surface Conditions: MG/WG
Night Trails Open: 11
Season Snowfall: 53" Today's Hours: 9am-8pm
Lifts Open: 2


Download a Trail Map HERE


easier green 20x20Aroostook
easier green 20x20Ellis  Y
 Y  Y
easier green 20x20Moose  Y  
easier green 20x20Bean  Y
easier green 20x20Magalloway  Y
easier green 20x20Lower Sunday  Y
 Y  Y
easier green 20x20Upper Sunday  Y  Y
easier green 20x20Big Eddy Glades  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Allagash   
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Allagash   
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Androscoggin   Y  Y Y
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Androscoggin  Y
 Y Y
more difficult blue 20x20Kenduskaeg  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Kennebec   Y
 Y -
more difficult blue 20x20Lower Rapid  Y
more difficult blue 20x20Upper Rapid   Y
more difficult blue 20x20Saint John    
more difficult blue 20x20Sandy  Y
black diamond 14x20Kennebago  Y
 thin cover
black diamond 14x20Penobscot  Y
 thin cover
black diamond 14x20Piscataquis  Y  thin cover  
black diamond 14x20Rangeley  Y
black diamond 14x20Swift  Y
black diamond 14x20Webb  Y
black diamond 14x20The Dead  Y
black diamond 14x20Lazy River  Y
black diamond 14x20Sticky  Y
black diamond 14x20Moxie    
Terrain Park   

Uphill Route: Osekare trail. Note: the Osekare trail is considered a backcountry trail.

Uphill ticket, uphill season pass, day pass or regular alpine pass is required

See Osekare trail here
See uphill policy here 

Backcountry Glades: Enter at Your Own Risk  Don't be fooled by the recent snowfall. Places in the woods are still quite thin & could be dangerous. 


Never Groomed:


Read The Policy. Always Ungroomed. Never Swept. You may see 3rd party signs that are not resort endorsed & do not fall within the regulations of the NSAA. Have knowledge of the daily trail report & check in with ski patrol about changing conditions. 

Upper Beaver  
Middle Beaver    
Lower Beaver  
Sunday Ledges  
Crooked Glade  
Swift Glade  
Kenduskeag Glade    
St John  
Allagash Woods (1/2/3/4/5)  
Alley Loop  
The Wild  
Saco Glade    
Rapid Glade  
East Branch  
The Roach
Aurele Legere      
Beaver Chute      
"Hike to" Backcountry Trails: Check in with Ski Patrol      
black diamond 14x20Bagaduce  
black diamond 14x20black diamond 14x20Wesserunsett  
black diamond 14x20Saco   

The Edge Tubing Park



Tubing Opening Date TBA   

Terrain Park: Features: 


Cross Country    Kilometers Groomed: 4 k       Kilometers Tracked:          Kilometers Open: 4 k

Note from Chisholm Ski Club & Black Mountain of Maine: Any spectator on skis at any Nordic race must purchase a race spectator pass to be on course & on the Nordic trails for the day. Fee: $7.00 Tickets are available at the ticket counter & at the Chisholm Ski Club Race Headquarters. 

Thank you for supporting Nordic skiing & our Nordic trail system.




  Click HERE for our cross country map