Our goal is to make each child a better racer & skier. Good skiers make good racers, but great skiers make great racers!



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The Chisholm Alpine Race staff is looking forward to an even greater year than last.  Our skier to coach ratio goal is 1 coach and 1 assistant for every 10 skiers. That's a lot of personal attention at a great value. 

This Season: 

The T-Bar will be running for the race program. Booya! 

Utilizing the T-Bar to access the race area will allow for twice as many runs in a shorter period of time resulting in a more intense race training program. 

Learn to Race World Cup: Designed for kids ages 7-11 to get introduced to the world of ski racing. Participants in this program should have basic abilities, be able to execute turns & have control of stopping. Skiers in this program should also be able to ski the entire mountain & keep up with the group. This is not a learn to ski program. 



Full Competition Program: Designed for kids ages 7-18 who have experienced ski racing before. Participants in this program should be fully committed to race training & have the drive & ability to be a team player. Racers in the full competition program should have at least basic racing skills, be able to keep up with the group & have the ability to ski the entire mountain in a self guided manner. The program will focus on gate training with Slalom & GS techniques & tactics.