Black Mountain is pleased to offer a wide variety of race programs for kids ages 2 - 18

    Registration Deadline is December 16th for Never Ever Program,

Mountain Kids Race Program & Black and Blue Gate Smashers!



Ages: 2 to 6

Registration Deadline December 16th

Never Ever Racers will get their first experience racing

Day(s): Sundays 2/26/2017 - 3/19/2017
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Cost: $150 includes day pass

The Never Ever program is geared toward beginners who want to race like the "Big Kids". This program will focus on the basic fundamentals of ski racing in a kid-friendly way. Each session will end with a Fun Race at the Novice Area. 

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Ages: 7 to 11

Registration Deadline December 16th

Mountain Kids learn the basics of racing & how fun it can be

Day(s): Saturdays, & Sundays 
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Cost: $555 includes Seasons Pass. 1/2 Program $290 with day pass.

Chisholm Ski Club Membership is included.

The Mountain Kids Program is geared towards junior skiers between the ages 7 - 11 who already know how to ski, but wish to learn to race & improve their skiing abilities. The Program is based on becoming a good skier in all conditions.

The Mountain Kids Program will develop skills that promote further interest in the sport of alpine ski racing with an emphasis on having fun. The goal of the Mountain Kids Program is to give kids the tools they need to develop their racing skills in order to be become successful ski racers. The focus is on developing balance, good technical skiing, and race tactics. The Program involves a lot of free skiing, free ski race drills, and slalom and giant slalom gate training.

Throughout the program, coaches will provide feedback to each skier and video will be utilized as a teaching tool.

The Mountain Kids Group receive 4 race starts during the season. The race dates & locations will be determined in the fall.

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Ages: 12-18

Registration Deadline December 16th

This program is a high performace training group designed for high school aged skiers aiming to become high performance ski racers

Day(s): Saturdays, & Sundays
Time: 8:30am – 12:00pm

Cost: $675 includes Seasons Pass $550 with day pass

1/2 Program $425 with day pass

Chisholm Ski Club Membership is included.

This is a high performance training group for high school racers who are aiming to become high performance ski racers. 

The group will take on a specialized approach for training that will develop higher degrees of physical, mental, technical, and tactical preparation. This program is designed to work in conjunction with the athlete’s high school home program, preparing them for regional and state competitions. Our goal is to support and supplement the athlete’s home program coach and training.

To provide the greatest opportunity for improvement and success, athletes accepted into this program are expected to make a commitment to their training program. We will stimulate athletes to aim for high performance skiing.

*Program Includes

  • Low racer to coach ratio
  • A logical progression of skills development
  • A blend of directed free ski drills and gate drills
  • Training opportunities in full length courses
  • Training on varied terrain
  • Mental preparation for competing successfully
  • Extensive video analysis
  • Observations of the latest ski technique and tactics
  • Timed runs at appropriate times to increase intensity

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**The membership fee for the Chisholm Ski Club is included in the program cost to encourage athlete participation and family involvement. Prior to the program beginning, there will be a social to further describe the program philosophies and give parents and athletes the opportunity to meet the coaches and ask any remaining questions.