Say "Hi" to Greg 
Chisholm Alpine Race Team Coach


Hello! My name is Greg Parachojuk, and I have been brought on as the head coach for the weekend program this year! Just a little background about me, I'm from Merrimac, Massachusettes. I learned to ski and race at Bradford Ski Area in Bradford, Massachusettes from the time I was 2 years old. I joined the Bradford Ski Team when I was in fifth grade, which is where I really cemented my passion for the sport. From my early beginnings of skiing in the Buddy Werner League in Eastern Mass, I went on to race USSA in Tri-State, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. My senior year of high school I jumped over to FIS, and now primarily focus on the Speed Circuit in Master's Racing. 

My love of skiing has brought me to the University of Maine at Farmington where I am pursuing an Outdoor Recreation Business Administration degree along with the Alpine Operations Certification Program. I am an up-to-date Level 1 certified. This year I am going to Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire to pursue my Level 200 USSA certification.

My goal for the season is to make the race program enjoyable and fun while making each and every racer faster. If you come into my program this year, even if you only take away a few things, but have a great experience, then I will call that a mission accomplished. If anyone has questions about the program for myself, or in general, please feel free to talk to me or shoot me an email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Let's make this season one of the best!

-Greg Parachojuk